America's Milk Trucks Since 1926

Divco America's Milk Trucks

Pictures submitted by Peter Murray of Murray Farms, Bridgewater, MA

How many of us woke up to this every morning?

This 1958 Picture shows a Divco making an early morning delivery to Clover Leaf Pizza 
on  Gratiot Ave, Eastpointe MI. That business is still a going concern today.
A early 1950's Cloverdale Farm's Divco milk truck making a home delivery in Binghamton, NY
This picture was submitted by Dave Petrozello

This truck was the pride and joy of
Capitol Dairy, out of New Bedford Mass.

This page is being written with the help of Bob Gouveia from Burlington, Ma. USA

In 1922 a new type of delivery truck was devoloped.  George Bacon who was chief engineer for the Detroit Electric Vehicle Company thought that it would make life a lot easier for delivery people to be able to driven from multipositions.
He designed a truck that could be driven from the front, rear or either running board.
This truck was battery powered and turned out to benot suitable winter weather, heavy loads or long days on the city streets
TheDetroit Electric Vehicle Company did not want to change to any other power sourse so George and some other investors formed the Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company (D.I.V.CO.) to produce his truck using a gas engine.
Production began in 1925 after two years of testing.
The Divco truck was built by the Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company and its successors These trucks became a part of the American way of life. Chances are your milkman drove a Divco truck.  So did most other delivery services. The Divco was manufactured from 1925, until 1986. The Divco truck was a multi-stop delivery trucks unlike any others. The only vehicle that stayed in production with the same basic model for a longer period of time was the Volkswagen Beetle.  Today many people consider Divco as the icon for the multi-stop delivery era. 
In 1937 the Divco was completely redesigned with a welded all-steel van body and a snub-nosed hood which was used with virtually no change up to the end of production. 
This web page attempts to show these trucks as they did their daily work and as collector items today.
Many have been restored to new or better then new condition by people that love these old trucks.
I would like to invite any of the visitors to this page that have any Divco pictures that they would like posted here to e mail me a copy at johnmacdoanld@summerville-novascotia.com

Michael Litvack, Montreal PQ, Canada
I have never realized that artists like to paint old milk trucks but here is another.
This one is by Nevaeh from the beautiful foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Looking for the new owner
These pictures were submitted by Kent Schnetzler of Springfield, MO and he had the following to say;
"Shot some pics of an interesting milk truck that was in a field in Old Snowmass, CO (just up the road from Aspen).  I posted a pic of it on a Ford 8N tractor forum and somebody thought it was a Divco.  Anyway, I thought it made a great subject.  I shot these pictures in Fall 2005 and went back a few weeks later to shoot some more.......and somebody was pulling the old truck out of the field!  It sat over winter 2005-2006 in a lot in Basalt, CO, then disappeared (hopefully to be restored).  It looked like it was complete, in excellent condition for sitting in a field, and the glass was complete and unbroken.  Oddly, it had Minnesota plates."
 I wonder if anyone know where this truck ended up?? 
He is some followup information on this truck.
A viewer on the Ford 8N tractor forum replied with the following.
With MN plates, the color scheme, and what I think I can make out of the faint painted out dairy name, I think this truck was part of the fleet of Ewald Bros Dairy. The processing plant was just west of the Minneapolis city limits, and the big Ewald dairy farm was in the suburb now known as Golden Valley. They were one of the big dairies to serve the greater Minneapolis area. I know they were still in production in the 70's, but faded out in the 80's. The farm was closed in the late 50's due to city and suburban growth pressure. They were well respected for quality products. They delivered to our house in the 60's.
Kent has looked closer at his pictures and has found the following.

"I hadn't even noticed the very faint name, so I went back to the original prints + several other shots, and, sure enough, there's what appears to be an "wald" very faintly on the side above "MILK".  On the rear doors, I can make out a "WAL".  Thought I had a close up of the license plate, but don't.  In one shot, I can read the plate number and Minnesota, but can't make out a year.  The phone number on the front fender is "522-3601" without any area code."

Follow UP
I wish I could tell you where this truck ended up,  but I can give you some history on where it came from.  I almost fell out of my chair when I came across the Divco truck picture.   The name of the dairy that it came from was Ewald Brothers Dairy in Minneapolis MN. My dad was the last of the Ewald's to work there, and while its possible that my dad may have driven this truck, its more likely that he just drove one just like it.  They ran Divcos starting in the early 50's and had 72 of them running around the minneapolis metro area thru the 60's and into the 70's when they were aquired by another dairy in 1978.  I would be vary greatful to hear from you could just let me know that you got this e mail,  and if you have any questions, and I would also like to know if you have the negetive still.  While my dad is vary ill,  it would be a bright spot in his day if I could buy a picture, or both, or the negitive from you.    Thanks for taking this picture.  It made my day. 
Jeffrey Ewald    Waconia, MN
The riddle is solved
The following picture and message was received from the now owner, Peter R. Guglielmo of the Ewald Brothers Dairy Divco

1965 Divco owned by Phil  Guglielmo of Farmington CT
"I am the owner of the milk truck that was posted on your web site. It was Mr. Bo Cote that bought the milk truck from Ewald Dairy, as he told me the story. Bo told me how he would drive the truck around his home in the summers, and people would think he was the milkman on the delivery route. After that, he brought the truck out here to the Roaring Fork Valley and drove it for a short time until he had clutch problems. Bo then parked it on his field in Old Snowmass, Colorado. It sat there for several years. I would pass it at times, when I took the back road to visit friends. I always thought what a great picture it was, sitting in a hayfield.
   A few years back, two of my brothers in West Hartford, Ct. had bought an old Divco that was used to deliver milk in and around West Hartford. Their Divco had been used by A.C. Peterson Farms when I was a kid.  About 3 years ago I mentioned to my brother about an old milk truck sitting in a field, in Old Snowmass. He asked me to send pictures to him, which I did. He was interested in buying it, and then would bring the truck back to West Hartford, CT. He was hoping to restore it to match his other truck. I knew who owned it and I told him I would ask the owner. It didn't take to long to find Mr. Bo Cote; we had both worked together on the Snowmass Ski Patrol a few years back. I called to see if he wanted to sell the truck, and in fact he did, as he was selling the house and the new owner wanted the truck removed.
      I put my brother, Phil, in touch with Bo and they struck a deal for the purchase of the milk truck. We bought it on April 10th 2005. Of course I was left with the task of paying and removing the truck from the field.  So in the fall of '05 I, along with a friend, hauled the truck to a lot in Basalt. I left it there until my friend sold that lot, then I had to move it again.  It sat for a short time at my employer's landscaping lot until I was able to rebuild the carburetor and get it started.  In the fall of '06 I had to move it again because it was taking up valuable space at the yard.  The clutch was still not working but I could start it in first gear and drive it around the yard. I got the brakes to barely work and thought I'd drive it to my house about 1 mile away. I drove it to my house in El Jebel, with my wife following me. I was lucky enough to get to my house without needing to stop, or use my brakes. As I got to my driveway and went to turn, the truck didn't turn quit as sharp as I hoped. I went to put on the brakes...ops, no brakes. I bumped into my work truck; then the Divco stopped. I was able to back it up and then pull into my driveway. Now it sits waiting for a new clutch and brakes.  I don't have a garage to work in so I can only work on it in good weather.
      Since I've put some time into getting it to run, I, along with my brothers Phil and Pat, are trying to decide who owns it! Phil did give me a check for the truck but I never cashed it. At this time I would like to be able to get it registered, so I could drive it around the valley. 
   The truck has a remanufactured Ford straight 6, 300 CI and it runs very well. It was sold by RIHM Motor Company in ST. Paul MN.  The model # is 374 and serial # is 374 4244. The # on the back of the truck is 17. It's a stand/sit model with refrigeration in the back. I have not tried to hook up the refrigeration system yet, to see if it works. The registration I got from Bo says it was built in 1960." 
1968 Divco
This picture was submitted by Jonathan Howard, Providence, RI
He had the following to say about this truck.
"Christiansen's Dairy in North Providence has had these beautiful milk trucks on the streets of Rhode Island for a very long time. Last year I happened to find myself and my camera in front of their garage on Smith Street and clicked away until the driver backed his vehicle into the perfect position under the classic sign on the building. By mistake,
I had my camera set on black and white, but since the trucks are black and white anyway, it worked out OK. But beyond loving their looks, I didn't know anything about these funky trucks.

Yesterday, I ran into Christiansen driver Al Cogswell and his truck on his rounds in my neighborhood. Al told me all about DIVCO trucks. His van was a 1968 and still makes the rounds. I asked if the rest of the fleet was that old. No, he said, most of them were older. Al said that while the DIVCO plant ended production not long after his '68 was built, there's a warehouse in Canton, Ohio that still supplies DIVCO parts. With the name, I was able to find your site and its great photos and information. 

These durable, beautiful and still functional commercial vehicles are a testament to "appropriate design." "

Bob Patterson wanted a Milk Truck but he wanted on that was a bit
different then all the rest. Click on Bob's Truck and see what and how he did this.

Gulf Hill Dairy used Divco trucks and now the Dartmouth, MA Rotary Club have 
chosen Gulf Hill Dairy for our third annual commemorative ornament.
Gulf Hill Dairy

Gulf Hill Dairy was started back in 1896, when a young farmer named Joseph T. Fernandes decided to enter into the dairy business.  This man of vision plotted the course and guided the destiny of Gulf Hill Dairy for fifty-two years. 

From a one man, one horse and wagon beginning, Gulf Hill Dairy developed into one of New England's most modern, most successful dairy operations.

1946 was a most important year in the history of the Dairy.  In that year, the Gulf Hill Dairy introduced homogenized milk in South Eastern Massachusetts.

1962 was another important year in the Dairy's progress.  Gulf Hill Dairy was the first in Massachusetts with multi-vitamin milk.

Modernizing the plant, fleet and offices with the newest equipment in the field was always a priority.

On June 26, 1965, another milestone was reached with the opening of Gulf Hill Parlor, an exceptional ice cream parlor and restaurant on Gulf Road in South Dartmouth.

The Milking Showroom was located across the street from the Milk Processing Plant on Gulf Road.  Here families enjoyed watching the milking of the cows every afternoon at 4 PM.

The Dairy was sold in 1980 and the restaurant closed in 1981.

"You can whip our cream, but you can't beat our milk"


The following is a news release from the Dartmouth Rotary Club with a photo attachment.  Your assistance in informing the public of this high interest item is much appreciated.
Contact Joe Vasta,  508-991-2121

Rotary Ornament to feature Gulf Hill Dairy
The Dartmouth Rotary Club is introducing its third in an annual limited edition series of Dartmouth Landmark Commemorative Ornaments. It will feature what was once one of the area's most well known milk processing and delivery dairy's in the area - Gulf Hill Dairy. The series follows the successful first limited edition of the Round Hill Radome ornament and the second limited edition of Lincoln Park featuring the roller coaster, "The Comet". 
The high quality gold glass ball ornament features a stunning picture of the memorable light tan home delivery milk truck with the ever familiar Gulf Hill cows. The photograph is surrounded by "Gulf Hill Dairy" above and "Dartmouth, MA" below it. The motto "You can whip our cream, but you can't beat our milk" will forever be synonymous with Gulf Hill Dairy.
The ornaments are individually boxed with an insert providing historical information on Gulf Hill Dairy and Gulf Hill Parlor. They sell for $10 each, with proceeds going to the Dartmouth Rotary Clubs Community Projects Fund. Also available this year is an acrylic stand to display the ornament on for $3.
Future limited edition series will feature other notable Dartmouth landmark buildings, areas or businesses. They are designed to be collectibles and make excellent gifts for any occasion. 
For the first time, this year's ornaments are available on-line at www.DartmouthRotary.com and can be shipped anywhere. A limited number of the Lincoln Park ornaments are still available.
The ornaments can be purchased locally at the following locations:
Ernie Ross Jewelers - State Road, Dartmouth, MA
Davoll's General Store - Russells Mills Village, Dartmouth, MA
AlphaGraphics - 827 Rockdale Ave., New Bedford, MA
Dorothy Cox Chocolates - Huttleston Ave., Fairhaven, MA
Alderbrook Farms - Russells Mills Village, Dartmouth, MA
The Packet - Padanaram Village, Dartmouth, MA
Fabulous Foundations - St. Anne's Plaza on State Road, Dartmouth, MA
Sticks, Stones & Stars - 782 Main Rd., Westport, MA
Dartmouth Town Hall - Clerks Office, Slocum Rd, Dartmouth, MA
YMCA - Gulf Rd., Dartmouth, MA
Elaine's Black Whale - Purchase St., New Bedford, MA 
For more information contact:
Ernie Ross at 508-992-3933 or Nancy Pimental at 508-997-1304.

Well this piece of history has a new owner.  The new owner of this truck is Trent from Stockton, CA 
He has the truck running and has begun to restore it. Hopefully he will provide pictures of the restoration.
 1959 Divco
 1959 Divco
 1959 Divco
 1959 Divco

 Gouz Dairy's Divco, Elmont, NY, from the early 1950s
This picture was submitted by John DeAngelis. He worked at that dairy in late 60's

And now on to the rest of the pictures

1966 Divco
1966 Divco
This truck is owned by Bob Gouveia of Burlington, Ma.
 Bob is in the early stages of restoring this truck
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
 Divco News from Divco Club of America.
Interior of a 1955 Divco Note the Glass milk bottles
The Butter Box
 Bob Gouveia  at a salvage yard up in Maine.
Unfortunately the old milk trucks end up here a lot of
times, this salvage yard had a bunch of 
them. This one turned out to be a 1957 Model
These Pint sized Divco's were given to  Divco dealers.
This Divco is owned by Dave Roderick, he and his family owned New Bedford Creamery back in the height of milkmen. This is not one of the small trucks given away by Divco but a reproductionod one of them.
1985 Divco, Model 300B .
It was owned by Monroe Dairy of  R.I., and sold to Capitol Dairy in New Bedford, It was the last full year they made Divco trucks, before they went out of business in 1986.
 Two Divco's being restored. a 1961 and a 1965 which are owned by George H. Baldwin Jr CEO of Baldwin Dairies.
The completed truck is shown below
1961, model 300C.
This truck is owned by George H. Baldwin Jr CEO 
of Baldwin Dairies
It was once owned by "Sterling Davis Dairy"
of Wrightsown, NJ.
 1954 Divco Model 300c
This truck is owned by Joe Venuti, owner of Bedford Farms
 1965 Divco
This old girl sure has done its share of the work
1954 Divco Model 300c
1954 Divco Model 300c
 1954 Divco Model 300c
 At the Grantville Milkmans Convention in Pa.
 1960's Divco Model 40 Dividend series truck. In the 60s Divco made van type trucks called Dividend. This one is a 130" wheel base, they had bigger one also.
Divco Dividend Promo Ad from Divco
1965 Divco Model 40 Dividend
1965 Divco Model 40 Dividend
These pictures were submitted by Murrar Elliott of Cole Harbour Nova Scotia Canada. The truckes were owned by Woodlawn Dairy of Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Murry used to deliver milk for Woodlawn.
-Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
1965 Divco Model 40 Dividend Series
1960,s Divco Model 40 Dividend Series Ice Cream Truck
This picture is from the Joe Holland Collection This picture is from the Joe Holland Collection
1959 Divco  Model 40 Dividend Series
1940 Divco Model 31 as a delivery truck
 Early 1950s  Divco Model 15
An Early 60's Divco Model B with a Refrigerated Body
An old Advertisement of a Divco from 1950
A Divco Hub Cap
A Divco Hub Cap
Scannells Dairy's Divco 
This truck is still delivering milk today
1956 Divco. This picture was taken at the
Grantville Milkmans Convention 2005
This truck was restored by George & Barb Parmelee
Early 60's Divco Model 300C Dasboard
A Very Rare Divco, Note the windows all around
This photo was taken at Grantville Milkmans convention
 A Divco-Twin by the orginaly Twin Coach Company
 Divco Twin
  The Helms Bakers had one of the biggest Divco fleets in the U.S.  A. Helms was a huge company and their Divco's
are still around today 
Divco Twin
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
1933 Divco Twin Coach
1933 Divco Twin Coach
This picture is compliments of Bill Everett, from Aztec, New Mexico, USA
It was taken at Old Truck Show in his home town
This was one of the most interesting things at the Truck Show. It is a 1930's Divco "Twin" bakery wagon. These little delivery trucks used to cruise the residential streets of the larger cities selling their goods to the housewives several days a week. They usually had a little bell that signalled thir approach, and the ladies of the house would meet the truck on the curb to buy bakery goods for the family. Reminiscent of the ice-cream trucks when I was a child.
This one was laden with bakery goods that looked tasty! 
 HOOD milk in the Charlestown section of Boston
Bob used to help clean up the loading dock, and get
a free quart of milk. 
I lived not to far away at the time
A Divco Model 300 straight from the factory
waiting for a nice paint job
1953 Divco owned by Sunnyhurst Dairy of Stoneham Ma
A Divco Ad
Helms Bakery's Divco twin
1947 Divco 
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Divco Ad
Divco Ad
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Divco Ad
 The Divco News Christmas Addition
Click on this image for a larger view in annew window
 AA Divco stock certificate
 Divco Ad For Models 21 and 31
 Divco Ad
 Woodlawn Dariy
Rosenberger Dairy's Divco Fleet
A scene at the Milkmen's Convention in Grantville Pa.
Some people like Milk Trucks as well as Hot Rods
This Divco should keep them happy
It's a 1939 Divco Custum Milk Truck powered by a 454 Chev
Now that is  milk truck
This truck is advertised on eBay with the following discription
1966 Divco Hot Rod
1961 Divco Model 10b
1961 Divco Model 10b
1961 Divco Model 10b
1961 Divco Model 10b
196x  Divco Go-cart
196x Divco Go-cart
This Divco go-cart is owned by Steve Mair of Fort Collins, Colorad. He and his family have owned it for 35 years They got it from wonder bread when Steve's dad, David Mair drove for them its an actual Divco truck.
They use it in 4th of July parades in our home town almost every year.
196x Divco Go-cart
196x Divco Go-cart
1960 Divco
1960 Divco
These pictures were submitted by Tom Drake and were taken at the Hagley Museum Auto Show in 09-2005.
The address on the truck shows Wilmington, DE but I've seen this truck at their dairy in Hockessin, DE.
The Hagley Museum is the first Dupont family home and black powder works on the Brandywine Creek in Delaware and well worth a visit if you are ever down this way.
1963 Divco Model 100B
1963 Divco Model 100B
These pictures were submitted by Tom Drake and were taken at the
Delaware Antique Truck Associations annual truck show at Delaware City, DE in April 2004. The owners are Bob & Patti Giles of Johnstown, PA and they drove the truck to the meeting.
A round trip of about 362 miles.
1963 Divco Model 100B
1963 Divco Model 100B
1963 Divco Model 100B
1963 Divco Model 100B
1963 Divco Model 100B
Foothills Dairy around 1960
Wilfred Schlange, owner of Foothills Dairy
These pictures were submitted by Chris Thomas, San Diego County, CA
Chris had the following to say about the pictures.
"Here are a couple pictures of Foothill Dairy (now defunct) from 1960 that I scanned from Kodachromes. 
The dairy was located in Azusa California from the 30's to the 
80's but the land is now built over by Condos. Booo! I worked there driving a home delievery milk truck similar to the one in 
the picture in 1978. The other pic is of the dairy's late owner, Wilfred Schlange, who has just killed a coyote on the dairy.
Where I live in San Diego County there exists only one home delivery milk man left, he gets a write up in the local rag ocassionally, something of a legend."

Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
1965 Divco 200-B Dual Wheel
1965 Divco 200-B Dual Wheel
This truck is owned by Anthony J. Selvaggio,
Pointe Dairy Services, Inc. 2716 American Drive, Troy, MI
They have been in business since April 1968. The truck has recently been restored and the new company logos installed.
1965 Divco 200-B Dual Wheel
1965 Divco 200-B Dual Wheel
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
1965 Divco 200-B Dual Wheel
1965 Divco 200-B Dual Wheel
This truck is owned by Anthony J. Selvaggio
Pointe Dairy Services, Inc. Troy, MI 
This truck is owned by Anthony J. Selvaggio
Pointe Dairy Services, Inc. Troy, MI 
Bob Gouveia, Burlington, Ma submitted these pictures
of the Divco that is in front of Garelicks Dairy in Franklin Ma.
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
1948 Divco Model UMB
A Divco put to a new and different life
This truck is owned by Nick Tisch, Detroit, Mi. USA This picture was submitted by Mark Peacock and was taken at
the Primer Nationals car show in Ventura, CA, 2008
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Brian Young, Clawson, Michigan submitted these pictures of 
a  diacast model of the Twin Pines Farm Dairy truck owned by
Nick Tisch. 

These Divco Diacast models and many more may be purchased at the link shown below

The following photos are from a NESN production called  CRUISUN NEW ENGLAND. Bob Gouveia took these pictures and submitted them to the site. The Braleys milk bottles in photos are the Creamery from his father 
worked in early 50s
1963 Divco Model 100B
1963 Divco Model 100B
This picture was submitted by Jim McFadden, Alberta, Canada
This picture was submitted by Jim McFadden, Alberta, Canada
1963 Divco Model 100B
1960's Divco
This picture was submitted by Jim McFadden, Alberta, Canada
This picture was submitted by David Lantz, Newark, OH
A very different Divco or is it???
A very different Divco or is it ???
"HOME MILK" morning delivery truck Miami,
Florida circa 1955
( my dad- Dan O'Connell)
These pictures were submitted by Denise MacLeod, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, The truck is owned by Blue Sky Glass, Hamilton, Ontario
This picture was submitted by Dan O'Connell
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
1960's Divco
1960's Divco
These pictures were submitted by Ken Houghton
The pictures were taken in Lancaster, MA at the Oakridge Farm Stand on Rte 70.
The place has changed hands and is now called Kimball Farms

Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
 This computer model was made by Bob Turner for a
German guy who was building a 3d model town,
of the movie "American Grafetti".
Bob had this model and others he built posted on turbosquid.
Search for "stoat", to see them
A 3D Computer model of a Divco
These next trucks are not Divco's but are
milk trucks and deserver being shown
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
1931 Chevrolet Milk Truck
This picture was submitted by by Anthony J. Selvaggio,
Pointe Dairy Services, Inc. Troy, MI 
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
1941 International Milk Truck, Body by Herman in St. Louis.
1941 International Milk Truck, Body by Herman in St. Louis.
This truck is owned by Denis Smith, Reno, NV The truck is now repainted and is in the catering business in Reno.
1941 International Milk Truck, Body by Herman in St. Louis.
1941 International Milk Truck, Body by Herman in St. Louis.
 1939 Ford Milk Truck
is owned by The Siegles from Kansas USA
The truck will be one the road in about a year 
and fully restored in three years.
1930's Dodge Dairy Delivery Truck
1948 Divco
1948 Divco
These pictures were submitted by Leon Warmut and they 
were taken in Old Town of Eureka Calif in July of 2009
1948 Divco
1948 Divco
1948 Divco
1948 Divco

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