Steve Johnson , owner of Shamu, a 1958 Edsel, was kind enough
       to send me the pictures that he collected over the years and this
       enabled me to write this page as a tribute to the 



A Brief History of the Edsel

Long about 1954 the Ford Motor Company came to thonclusion that it's automobile line was lacking in competitiveness with General Motors.  While GM had some 5 Autos, Ford had only three.  Hence Ford decided to ad to the line with a car that would span the gap between Ford and Mercury.  They started with the "E" car for experimental.

They wanted something unique so the first car that featured retro styling from the 30's was the E car.  At a cost of $250,000,000 a new car was created, advertised, researched and began to take form under strict secrecy.  It was to have a vertical grill, high taillights for visibility from behind, rotunda 
speedometer, and the predecure to speed control and last but not least, the Tele-touch transmission which feature electrical shifting with the selector buttons in the center of the steering wheel  The latter would light up and a light on the dash a monitoring light when the car exceeded a set speed in green yellow and red.

The E car had a contest to come up with a name.  These names were as follows; ALTER, MONGOOSE, UTOPIAN, MONGOOSE, TURTLE TOP, ABBY, AGEAN, ZEBRA, CITATION, CORSAIR, COUGAR, PACER, RANGER AND SOME TWO HUNDRED MORE NAMES.  Finally out of frustration and keeping with the name E car the general manager of Ford shouted Edsel after Edsel Ford, the designer of the Continental and brought Ford back from bankruptcy in the late 40's. Also in the final names were Citation; Corsair; Pacer; and Ranger.  They were to be the four series of the make. Wagons were to be in a category of their own.

There were to be 15 models in the 4 series for 58.  3 in the wagons. Bermuda in 6 & 9 pax; the Villager in 6 & 9 pax and the Roundup; in 6 pax. The 59's had only 2 series plus the wagons. the 60's only 1 series plus the wagon. Ford had also developed a compact for 1960 but was canceled on 
November 19th, 1959 when all Edsel production stopped. The Edsel compact that was named the 
Edsel Comet had the Letters E-D-S-E-L removed. Parts for the first two years of Comet production had Edsel part numbers and no where on those cars did Mercury appear. The production figures were 
1958- 70,863 plus 8000 in Canada; 1959- 44,758; 1960- 2846.

  On September 4th, 1957 (model year 1958), the Edsel was introduced to the public among a very large hoopla.  The showrooms were flooded with people but no one seemed to buy. There were many reasons for the failure over the three years of production. 
1 Robert Mc Namara who had canceled the Edsel before Production even began.
2 A deep recession of 1958/59.
3 The styling of the front end and the perpendicular grille.
4 The famous tele-touch transmission that sold the cars originally was so prone to malfunctions it has a large part in killing sales later.
5 Labor problems within the production line being assigned more cars on the Mercury and Ford production lines.
6 All the hoopla didn't match the car.

Today, there is only some 1700 operational Edsels on the road in the US..

Steve Johnson 


The EDSEL Look
1958, 1959 and 1960



Unlike most other pages on this site, many of these Edsels are named by their owners.
These names as well as their owners name will be shown where ever possible.

The 1958 Edsels

 1958 Edsel Scott Peruch's "Shamu"
 1958 Edsel  Cindy Savage's "It's a what?" and Scott Peruch's Shamu
1958 Edsel Scott Peruch's "Shamu"
1958 Edsel Scott Peruch's "Shamu"
 1958 Edsel  Edsel Showroom
 1958 Edsel  Matt Osborne's "Maynard"
 1958 Edsel  Jerry/Cindy Savage's  "It's a what?"
 1958 Edsel  Matt Osborne's "Maynard"
 1958 Edsel  Ken Kestel's  "Mr Edsel"
 1958 Edsel  Rich Covell's "Frack"
 1958 Edsel Dave Gilbert's "My Baby"
 1958 Edsel
 1958 Edsel  1958 Edsel  Jerry/Cindy Savage's  "It's a what?"
 1958 Edsel  Lino & TJ Biasini's  "The nugget"
 1958 Edsel  Jim & Rhea Dragoo's "Jezebel"
 1958 Edsel  Dave Gilbert's "My Baby"
 1958 Edsel Steve Johnson's "Frick" of Frick and Frack
 1958 Edsel  Dave Gilberts' Business End
 1958 Edsel  Ken Kestel's "Mr Edsel"
 1958 Edsel Hardy's  "Wagon Wheeler"
 1958 Edsel  Lino Biasini's "The Nugget"
 1958 Edsel Wayne Dannemiller
 1958 Edsel Ted Downer's "Natalie"
 1958 Edsel  Lino Biasini's "The Nugget"
 1958 Edsel  Jerry & Kitty Smith's "Canadian Edsel"
 1958 Edsel  Scott Peruch's "Shamu"
 1958 Edsel  Steve Luth's "Gumby"
 1958 Edsel  Steve Luth's
 1958 Edsel  Dave Gilbert's "My Baby"
 1958 Edsel  Bob Bruno
 1958 Edsel
 1958 Edsel
 1958 Edsel  Mike Hinsch/Rich Covell's "Goosey"
 1958 Edsel  Dan Dirk's "Pinky"
 1958 Edsel  Bruce Waymire's "Gumby"
 1958 Edsel  Greg Stahlman's "Red"
 1958 Edsel  Bob Kekke's "Ms Piggy"
 1958 Edsel  Chief Marcel Jojola's Active Police Cruiser
 1958 Edsel  Mike Hinsch
 1958 Edsel  Shirley Gallien
 1958 Edsel         (Visitor)
 1958 Edsel        (Visitor)
 1958 Edsel  Ken Bartizal  In "Showroom"
 1958 Edsel Ken Bartizal  "Showroom"
 1958 Edsel   Ken Bartizal  In "Showroom"
 1958 Edsel   Ken Bartizal  In "Showroom"
 1958 Edsel    (Visitor)
 1958 Edsel  Dave Gilbert's "My Baby"
 1958 Edsel  Scott Peruch's "Shamu"
 1958 Edsel  "The Wagon Master"
 1958 Edsel  Ken Bartizal-Parade Duty
 1958 Edsel Tom Montgomery? Jeff Morelli "Shorts" as in Bermuda
 1958 Edsel   Randy Portwoods
 1958 Edsel   Joe Jones  Steve Luth

The 1959 Edsels

 1959 Edsel Visitor @ Edsel Affair
 1959 Edsel  Steve Luth
 1959 Edsel  Thom Ruggs "The Rugg Machine"
 1959 Edsel   (Visitor)
 1959 Edsel  Visitor @San Jose
 1959 Edsel  Edsel Ford's-EOC Founder
 1959 Edsel  Thom Rugg's "The Rugg Machine" Original Owner
 1959 Edsel  Steve Atherton
 1959 Edsel  Thom Rugg's "The Rugg Machine"
 1959 Edsel   Paul Tremblay's "Plain Jane"
 1959 Edsel  Tim Delaney
 1959 Edsel Visitor @ BBQ
 1959 Edsel   (Visitor) 
 1959 Edsel  Joe Mayfields
 1959 Edsel Joe Mayfields
 1959 Edsel  Thom Rugg's "The Rugg Machine"
 1959 Edsel   Edsel Ford's EOC Founder
 1959 Edsel   Adam Henessey
 1959 Edsel Jim Dragoos "Jezebel"
 1959 Edsel   Olen Sanders "Buttercup"
 1959 Edsel   Olen Sanders "Buttercup"
 1959 Edsel   Paul Tremblay's "Plain Jane"
 1959 Edsel Edsel Fords #1
 1959 Edsel   Joe Jones
1959 Edsel Station Wagon
1959 Edsel Station Wagon
This car was seen at a car show in St. Petersburg FL, Nov 2014

The 1960 Edsels

1960 Edsel     Steve Luth
1960 Edsel  Truman Smith Car has factory Galaxy Trim
1960 Edsel   Andrea Enthal's  "2084"
1960 Edsel   (Visitor)
1960 Edsel  GI's "Masterpiece"
1960 Edsel   (Visitor)
 1960 Edsel  (Visitor)
 1960 Edsel  Andrea Enthal's  "2084"
1960 Edsel   Andrea Enthal's  "2084"
1960 Edsel   Mike Frankovich's @ Edsel Affair
1960 Edsel  Andrea Enthal's  "2084"
1960 Edsel  Andrea Enthal's  "2084"
1960 Edsel   Andrea Enthal's  "2084"
1960 Edsel   Michael Cowles One of 76 Topless
1960 Edsel Michael Cowles One of 76 Topless
1960 Edsel  GI's "Masterpiece"
1960 Edsel  Ted Downers
1960 Edsel   Steve Luth
1960 Edsel  Michael Cowles One of 76 Topless
1960 Edsel Rich Covell
1960 Edsel  Truman Smith Car has factory Galaxy Trim
1960 Edsel   "Hot Rod"
1960 Edsel  Truman Smith Car has factory Galaxy Trim
1960 Edsel  Rich Covell
1960 Edsel  Steve Luth
1960 Edsel  Randy Portwood's Wagon

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