A history of the Volkswagen logo in four points

This history was written by the team Central Contracts.

Everyone recognises the Volkswagen logo; it's one of the most recognisable car logos of all time. But, did you know that it also has a pretty interesting history, and that it's been subtly changed over the years because of this?

1) The Volkswagen logo was created by Porsche

The first ever Volkswagen was developed in 1938 by Ferdinand Porsche, who later went on to create the famous Porsche vehicles. He was in talks with Adolf Hitler to create the cars, who wanted to realise his dream of every German being able to afford a vehicle. Yes, that Adolf Hitler. At the same time, Porsche was also developing military vehicles for the war effort.

The logo was actually created during an office competition within Porsche. Franz Xavier Reimspiess won the competition with his logo design, seen above, and was rewarded with 100 Reichsmarks (about £260).

As you can see, the original logo came with the Nazi swastika incorporated into it, along with a spoked circle enclosing the famous VW letters.

2) Some amends took place after WWII

After World War II, Volkswagen was taken over by the British and they were quick to amend the logo. One of the first things they did was remove the winged arms of the swastika. Aside from that, they left the logo as it was.

Another notable thing the British did was rename the flagship car the 'Beetle', which we still all know and love today.

3) And then things changed completely

It might not look like a huge change, but this newer logo gave Volkswagen a much more up-to-date, sleek look. This logo was designed when Volkswagen was returned to German ownership, since no other car companies were willing to take control of it.

Surely, Fiat, Ford and the many other companies that declined that offer are kicking themselves now, since Volkswagen is today one of the most prestigious car companies in the world.

4) And now we have a logo for the modern age

The current Volkswagen logo has remained the same for many years now since, really, there's no need to edit it anymore. The major change the company went with was to add colour to the logo, which gives it a contemporary edge.

If you compare the first logo and the current one though, you'll see just how different they really were.

Do you know anything else about the history of the Volkswagen logo that you think we should add? Let us know!

All images courtesy of jamespeacockdesign.com.